Fall Leaf AND Garden (Yard) Waste Collection Begins OCTOBER 5th, 2020

Residents can start placing leaves & garden (yard) waste curbside on Monday, October 5th. There is no specific week for yard waste as we have a new process this year. Please remember - No Branches, No Woody Materials, No Bags ... If your pile is skipped, it is because it contained unacceptable material OR the pile was inaccessible due to car(s) parked too close to the leaf pile OR parked on the leaf pile.  Leaves collected are taken to a composting facility that can't accept woody materials or bags. In order to ensure that there are no leaves or yard waste left in the streets before the snow flies, all leaves must be raked curbside by 6am Monday, November 23rd for the final leaf pick-up of the year.  For more details, click here
**Branches and Wood Materials can be taken to the City Drop Off Site during open hours until Saturday, December 5th.