City of Cudahy Receives State Award for Packard Avenue Downtown Reconstruction Project

The City of Cudahy, has been selected by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Wisconsin Chapter to receive the 2017 “Chapter Project of the Year Award.” The award will be presented to the City Project Team at an awards banquet later in May of this year.  In addition, the Packard Avenue Downtown Reconstruction Project has been submitted for consideration for the” National Project of the Year Award.”

The submittal for the award, recognized the hard work and dedication put into this project by the City of Cudahy Department of Public Works and Engineering Department.  The project included replacement of 110 year old sanitary sewer and water lines, coupled with an engineering modernization in design and construction including infrastructure, sidewalks, trees, roadway, lighting, and newly included green bio-retention basins. 

The Engineering Department not only designed the project, but also managed the construction of the project from start to finish, along with other work by the city’s Department of Public Works, General Contractor and various sub-contractors.  

“Our Engineering and Department of Public Works poured their heart and soul into this project,” stated Mayor John Hohenfeldt.  “A community does not always get the opportunity to rebuild their main street.  We have constructed this project with long-term sustainability in mind while setting up our downtown for continued future economic development.” 

Questions about this release can be addressed to:

Office of the Mayor
John R. Hohenfeldt

City of Cudahy
5050 South Lake Drive
Cudahy, WI 53110