Appeals, Reopens & Motions

Appellate forms:

Either party has a right to appeal a municipal court decision to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. 

A plea of no contest or guilty or a default judgment may not be appealed.  If you decide to appeal, you must do so by filing a written Notice of  Appeal with the Cudahy Municipal Court within twenty (20) days of the date of your conviction (judgment).  At the same time, you must remit appellate fees payable to "Clerk of Courts, Milwaukee County".  New trials in the Circuit Court are tried without a jury unless you request a jury trial in your Notice of Appeal.  Upon payment of the fees and the amount of your penalty, your case will be forwarded to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

You may have a right to file a Motion to Reopen a judgment, within six (6) months of the judgment only for good cause, and the payment of the reopening fee may be ordered.  Motions to reopen are heard on trial court dates, when the City Prosecutor is present.