Water Rates & Service Charges

Water bills are sent out every (2) months by district.  Each bill covers (2) months of water usage.
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How Cudahy's Water Rates Compare 

The Water Utility is not funded by taxes. Costs for operations, water plant & tower improvements and water main replacements are all funded through a water charge. Click here for information and a comparison on Cudahy Water Rates.  

What Charges are Included On My Water Bill

Water Meter Charge

This is a fixed charge based on the size of the water meter.  The charge pays for installation, repair, maintenance and reading of water meters.

For a single family home or duplex with a 5/8" or 3/4" meter the charge is $10.50 per billing cycle.

Water Usage Charge

This charge is based on the volume of water used in the billing period.  This charge pays for operation and maintenance of the drinking water treatment plant.  Water rates are determined by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) in order to ensure the financial stability of the utility and fair value for customers.

The residential water usage charge is $2.20 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons).

Sewer Charges

Local Sewer Charge

The local sewer charge is used for maintenance and replacement of Cudahy's Sanitary Sewer system. Like the Water Utility, the Sanitary Sewer Utility is not funded by taxes, but by charges. There is a flow charge which is based on your water usage. The flow charge pays for the operation and maintenance of the City's sanitary collection system. Sanitary Sewer includes everything that runs down drains, toilets, sinks etc. There is also a connection charge which is based on the number of sewer laterals from the main in the street to the property. Most properties only have one (1). This connection cost passed for capital expenses such as the relay of mains or replacement of large equipment used in the operation of the sewer system. The billing period is every two (2) months.

The 2019 connection cost is $18.33 per billing period plus the amount of water used at $0.6487 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons).

MMSD Sewer Charge

The City's sewage is treated at the regional treatment plant referred to as the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). MMSD charges the City of Cudahy for sewage treated based on the city's water flow. These charges are set by MMSD and not by the City of Cudahy. Rates set by MMSD include costs to treat wastewater, operation and maintenance of the deep tunnel system and various sanitary and storm water projects. 

The MMSD charge includes a connection cost of $32.44 per year per lateral or $5.40 per billing cycle plus the amount of water used at $1.65 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) or $2.201/1,000 gallons.

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Fixed Utility Charges

The storm water charge is used for maintenance and upgrades to the storm water sewer system. This system collects all the water from rain and snow that runs to the lake. The storm water charge is used to fund the operation and maintenance of storm water pipes and storm water facilities. Storm water facilities are things like storm water ponds, pervious alleys and parking lots and bio-retention basins, just to name a few. These facilities reduce flooding and are used to meet water quality discharge requirements imposed by the EPA and the Wisconsin DNR. Like the Water Utility, the Storm Water Utility is not funded by taxes but by a fixed rate charge. Storm water charge is based on the amount of impermeable surface the property contains. All single family homes are billed at 1 ERU (1 ERU = 2,700 sq. ft. of impermeable surface). Properties designated as commercial, institutional, manufacturing and industrial pay a charge based on the actual impervious area on their parcel. That total area is divided by 1 ERU or 2,700 sq. ft. which equals the number of equivalent ERUs for the property. 

The 2019 annual charge per ERU is $94. The residential charge for stormwater is $15.67 per billing period.

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Fire Protection

Fire protection charges are used to cover the use of hydrants and the capacity built into the system in order to rapidly deliver a large volume of water to a fire hydrant anywhere within the City when required.

The public fire charge for residential properties is $11.56 per billing period.