Final Bills

When the ownership of a residential or commercial property is scheduled to change, the City of Cudahy Water Department generates what is known as a final water bill for the property.  The water department will conduct a final water meter reading for the property, typically one day prior to the scheduled closing date.  Based on this meter reading, the final water bill is generated.  A final water bill separates the previous property owner from the new property owner and ensures that the seller and purchaser are paying for applicable water and sewer services up to the agreed upon date of closing. 

Final bills can be obtained by calling the Water Department at 414-769-2237 or filling the form out below.  The fee for a final water bill is $25.00 and it can be emailed, faxed, or mailed directly to the person requesting the final bill.  Please note once final charges are assessed, they cannot be reversed.  It’s a good idea to speak with the title company before requesting a final bill, as one may have already been requested/generated.

It is important to note that Final bills are often included in closing costs.  Sometimes, the final bill amount is deducted from the price of the home and the new buyer is responsible for paying the balance owed to the Cudahy Water Department.  Other times, the title company will pay it.  The new property owner is ultimately responsible for the cost as we cannot adjust or prorate charges for new property owners.

Name of person requesting Final Bill:

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Date through which final bill should be calculated (usually 1 - 3 days before closing):