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Who's Responsible for Your Snow & Ice Removal?

              Curbside Bulk Pick-up will be available to eligible residents beginning April, 2021
           The bulk curbside pick-up program is not available during the months between December through March.
Winter snow conditions make bulk curbside placement and pick-up hazardous. 

NO  DUMPSTERS on the streets from December 1st until April 1st.

Click Here for your 2021 Garbage and Recycling Map & Calendar 
Garbage & Recycling Holiday Delays:
No Collection on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday January 18th , 2021.
All collections will be delayed by one day that week.

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Winter Reminders

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal:
Don't forget to clear the snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of your property. City ordinance requires the property owner to shovel and keep sidewalks abutting their property free of snow and ice within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. If not done, the City may be obligated under notice to remove the snow and ice at a minimum charge of $180 per event without warning the property owner.
Due to public safety and lawful timeliness, the City is obligated to remove the liability immediately

Alley Snow & Ice
Unlike many communities, Cudahy still plows alleys. Plowing alleys has become a huge burden on the tax role and only serves about 45% of properties in Cudahy. Therefore the City will only plow alleys once during an event. To prevent this service from disappearing, PLEASE DO NOT THROW SNOW BACK INTO THE ALLEY and DO NOT PARK WITHIN 2' OF THE EDGE OF THE ALLEY. Parking vehicles too close to the edge of the alley pavement does not allow us to clear the alleys properly and may result in damage to your vehicle from the windrow of snow & ice. The City has a parking ordinance that restricts parking within 2' of the alley.  IT'S NOT ONLY ILLEGAL, but throwing snow back into the alley after it is cleared created hazardous conditions for your neighbors and the garbage collection crew all winter long. The City will not go back and clear or salt the alley once we have gone through and if it gets too hazardous for the garbage collectors you will be required to place your garbage & recycling carts out at the street for the remainder of the winter. Have your camera ready and notify the police department if you seen anyone throwing, pushing or shoveling snow back into the alley.

Snow Removal -Streets: The Department strategizes each storm and relies on weather predictions to formulate a plan. Although we try to take preventive measures and prepare for such events, the weather people are correct about 40% of the time. We have a phrase in public works: 7" of partly cloudy. The Department has 149 lane miles, 134 parking lane miles and 13 miles of alleys to clear each event. This does not include public parking lots and sidewalks. We have 5 plow routes with 2 trucks on each route. With 16 crew personnel under a 16 hour maximum work day in a 24 hour period, keeping the roads clear can be difficult. The work for the DPW gets even harder when we have parked cars to deal with and people placing snow in the street. IT'S ILLEGAL TO BLOW, SHOVEL, PLACE AND DEPOSIT SNOW INTO THE STREETS.

Tree Trimming 2021: City crews will begin trimming street trees in January. Tree Trimming is dependent on weather conditions. A snowy winter will mean that less trees get trimmed because the crew that trims trees also plows and removes snow. The area of concentration for 2021 will be from Layton south to Grange between Lake and Packard. The crew will put out temporary No Parking signs in areas where tree trimming is going to take place. Please do not park your car in areas with this posting as it will require us to notify the police to have you ticketed and we will have to skip the tree trimming. We will not go back until the street is up in rotation which is five years.

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