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Press Release 5/18/20

 The City of Cudahy experienced a sanitary overflow on Sunday evening at 5:15 p.m. at the Lake Dr. & Allerton Avenue Pump Station.  The overflow occurred due to surcharging of the MMSD "MIS" sanitary sewer collection line serving this sewer-shed.  The rain event exceeded the level of protection provided by MMSD.  The widespread area had continuous heavy rain over a 12 hour period which created over saturated soil conditions. The MIS sewer on Allerton Ave. was surcharged and the City's backflow preventer had to close.  The local flow was diverted into the bypass pump station which then is pumped into the local Allerton Avenue storm sewer.  The overflow lasted intermittently for about 19 minutes.  We believe that about 8,000 gallons of extremely diluted effluent entered the storm sewer system and made its way out to Lake Michigan.  The City will continue to work with the MMSD and WDNR to reduce infiltration and inflow in the system via CMOM and the City's I&I Reduction efforts.  

Packard Avenue Pavement Issue 

The right northbound curb lane of Packard Avenue between College and Ramsey will be closed off to traffic due to significant pavement failure. After evaluation by the Engineering staff, it is believed that the pavement will continue to fail under the pressure of vehicular traffic causing significant safety issues for the traveling public. The Department of Public Works has engaged a contractor to identify the best roadway repair options. Funds for these necessary road repairs will be taken from monies typically used to resurface and patch local residential streets. Unfortunately, this money must be spent on a temporary fix that may only last a few years. Foundational concrete pavement was laid in the late 1920s, however, over the course of almost 100 years of asphalt overlays, that foundation is completely deteriorated. Last Fall the engineering staff worked very diligently on an application for a federal grant to reconstruct the roadway. In order to obtain federal funding, roadways are required to meet specific functional safety standards upon completion of the roadwork. Currently, Packard Avenue is a 4 lane undivided roadway from College to Whitnall Avenue, however, that was never the intent for Packard Avenue travel. It was originally designed for 2 lanes and a street car down the center. However, in 1944 the Interurban Street Car Service ceased, the tracks were removed and the roadway was overlaid and designated for 4 lanes of travel. While it is unclear as to what federal highway standards were in the 1940’s, by today’s standards, this roadway section is too narrow to safely accommodate 4 lanes of travel. The engineering staff has also identified a higher than normal rate of vehicular/bike and vehicular/pedestrian crashes in this area. To address these safety issues, the engineering staff proposed to develop the current 4 lane roadway into a 2 lane roadway which would include a separated bike lane, accommodations for right turn lanes and, provide a larger parkway area between the sidewalk and curb. In engineering terms the roadway would have been placed on a “road diet”. The City’s Traffic and Safety Committee approved the change, unfortunately, the proposed improvements were not approved by the full Common Council. Unfortunately, as a result of the Council’s decision, the Engineering Department was prohibited from submitting this federal grant application. The City can’t afford a Packard Avenue reconstruction in the near future. It is unsure as to when repairs can be made to allow this lane to re-open to traffic.  

Street Tree Planting – we need your help! 

The City has removed 1,521 street trees over the past 3 years due to maple decline and the ash borer bug.  Prior to the onset of these issues the Department removed about 130 trees a year and was able to replace about 130 trees annually.  Unfortunately the budget for the purchase and installation of street trees has not increased for fifteen years.  This resulted because of continual cuts in the Department of Public Works budget over the decades.  The 2020 budget was no exception.  The Department was required to cut about $40,000 from its overall budget this year, which meant that the 15 year old budget amount for street trees did not go up.  As a result, the department is only able to plant about 80 trees annually.  At the rate we are planting trees it will take us over 20 years to replace the street trees lost in the last 3 years alone.  It costs the Department $200 per tree to purchase and install it.  Many property owners have asked how they could help so we created a program where property owners could donate money to have trees placed along parkways in front of their property or on their neighborhood block.  Although we have taken inventory for the spring planting, the crew will be doing a fall planting of donated trees.  If you want a tree planted in front of your property this fall and you are willing to donate for a tree, please contact the Department of Public Works at (414) 769-2216.  The donation is $200 per tree and you will be able to discuss the tree that best fits your location with our arborist.  

Garbage & Recycling Updates 

  • Click here for a copy of the 2020 Garbage & Recycling Newsletter
  • Special Bulk Curbside Pick-up has been suspended until further notice
  • Drop-Off site is open to Cudahy residents for yard waste & recycling only.  Click here for Drop-Off hours and accepted material.
  • Next E-Waste collection event will be on September 19th

Do Not Place Junk or Yard Waste on the Parkway, Alley or In the Street  
The City does not pick-up these items and if they are found within the public right of way they will be removed and the property owner will be charged for their removal.  Minimum charge is $180. 

Dumpsters on the Street 
Before a dumpster can be placed on a City street please contact the Public works Department for a permit

What’s on DPW 's "To Do" List during the Next Several Weeks?

  • Tree stump removal and planting
  • Pothole patching on main roadways – this will be limited due to a lack of funding
  • Repair of underground street light cable on Packard Avenue in front of ATI
  • Repair of signal light cable at Mallory and Packard Avenue
  • Installation of a new pedestrian signal at Packard and Underwood
  • Storm sewer inlet repairs and replacement at various locations throughout the City
  • Removal of snow fence
  • Street Sweeping 

Sanitary Sewer Issues  
Don't throw wipes in the toilet! Those wipes you are using to disinfect surfaces should be thrown in your waste basket - NOT the toilet. Property owners are experiencing sewer back-ups and the culprit has been disinfecting wipes. The City also prevented a back-up during its' sewer cleaning that was a result of an accumulation of "wipes". So, please throw the wipes in the trash. 

Willie Water No Wipes in PipesWipes Clog Pipes b-w

Don't throw wipes in the toilet! Those wipes you are using to disinfect surfaces should be thrown in your waste basket - NOT the toilet. Property owners are experiencing sewer back-ups and the culprit has been disinfecting wipes. The City also prevented a back-up during its' sewer cleaning that was a result of an accumulation of "wipes". So, please throw the wipes in the trash. 

Adopt A Storm Drain  
If it's not rain, it doesn't belong in the drain - Do your part to prevent Water Pollution and Adopt a Storm Drain today! 

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