Curbside Pick-up

New Residential Curbside Pick-up for Bulk Items  

As part of the 2020 Budget, the Common Council decided to include one annual Curbside Pick-up, per eligible property owner, for junk and bulk items that don’t fit into a garbage cart. The program is designed to accommodate many residents who expressed the difficulties experienced when transporting large items to the Drop-Off site, as well as, the inconvenience of obtaining passes to use the site. This program will provide the following

  • One (1) Annual Curbside Pick-up of bulk items at the resident’s request;
  • Drop-Off Site remains open for Yard Waste and Recycling Only;
  • Prohibits Disposal of Junk, Bulk Items and Garbage at the Drop-Off Site; And,
  • Allows ALL Cudahy residents access to the Drop-Off Site for Yard Waste, Brush, Recyclables, Appliances & Motor Oil Disposal by presenting a Current Photo ID.  

Who is eligible for the Curbside Pick-Up for Bulk Items? 

Those residents who pay a Garbage Fee and are being serviced with a City Garbage Cart are eligible  

How can I request a Curbside Pick-Up? 

Prior to placing any materials in the right of way, Property Owners / Residents MUST SCHEDULE their One (1) Annual Curbside Pick-Up: 

Public Works staff will try to accommodate the Resident’s request to the best of their ability, in addition to ensuring the Resident's pick up fits within the pre-determined Curbside Pick-Up schedule 

What Information is needed when scheduling a Curbside Pick-Up?  

  • Resident must provide Name, Phone #, Address & Brief Description of Items anticipated to be placed curbside 
  • Resident MUST consent that they understand Program Requirements AND they are Liable for Cost & Disposal of any item exceeding Program Limitations, including E-Waste, as well as, items which may be disposed of at their property by citizens other than themselves   

When can Items be picked up? 

Prior to placing any materials in the right of way, Property Owners / Residents MUST notify the Department of Public Works to schedule their One (1) Annual Curbside Pick-UpCurbside Pick-Ups can be scheduled during the following dates & times

  • April 1st—December 1st  
  • Property Owner / Resident’s items must be placed at the curb by 6:00am the day of the scheduled pick-up, but no earlier than 4:00pm the day prior to the scheduled pick-up 
  • Resident must contact Public Works no later than Noon Tuesday to secure a pick-up for that week  
  • Requests will be scheduled not more than two (2) weeks in advance  
  • No pick-ups will be scheduled on Holiday Weeks 

Items NOT ALLOWED Curbside, but ACCEPTED at Drop Off Site  

  • Yard Waste, Branches, Shrubs, Brush, Logs, Firewood, Stumps & Root balls  
  • Concrete, Pavers, Brick & Soil  
  • Cardboard & Other Recycling Materials  
  • Items / Appliances containing Freon, ie. Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners  
  • Motor Oil  
  • ANY Metal OR Cast Iron Items 

Items NOT ALLOWED Curbside & NOT ALLOWED at Drop Off Site  

  • E-Waste, ie. TV’s Electronics, Computers, Cell Phones   
  • Household Hazardous Waste, ie. Oil Based Paints & Varnishes, Pesticides, Aerosol Cans, etc. 
  • Tires  
  • Material containing Asbestos or Asphalt   
  • Hot Tubs, Pools, Bathtubs 

Where should Items be placed?  

  • Pick-Ups will only be collected at the street side of the property, No Alleys 
  • All Materials MUST be placed between the Public Sidewalk and Curb / Roadway 
  • If there is No Curb, place materials as close to the street pavement as possible 
  • Material placement MUST NOT block or impede the Public Sidewalk or Roadway  

Allowable and Acceptable Items  
   2020 Allowable Curbside Pickup

Exceeds Allowable Amount & Unacceptable Items 
2020 Allowable NOT Curbside Pic

Parameters for Curbside Pick-Up 

The purpose of the Curbside Pick-Up is for bulk items that do not fit into your 96 gallon garbage cart

  • 7 cubic yard Maximum

 Equates to the following sized area on a person’s frontage    

♦ 9.5’ x 5’ x 4’ high (on a 30’ lot, this would take up 1/3 of the frontage) OR 
♦ 12’ x 5’ x 3’ high (this would fill a typical driveway approach)  

  • Examples to demonstrate an approximate 7 cubic yard Maximum 
♦ (6) Queen Mattresses / Box Springs OR
♦ (2) Sofas plus a couple End Tables OR
♦ (4) Dressers 
  • Items placed out too early will be removed by the City AND property owner will be charged the Abatement Cost 
  • Items not collected by Contractor due to exceeding limits or not allowable for collection shall be removed by property owner within 24 hours of scheduled pick-up OR Items will be removed by the City AND property owner will be charged the Abatement Cost  

Note: Loose material and garbage bags can fit in a 96 gallon garbage cart and are discouraged, however, the Curbside Pick-Up Contractor can collect up to (5) 32 gallon containers with a few bulk itemsbut NOT IN ADDITION TO the maximum allowable items  

Weight Limits for Curbside Collection 

♦ No Item exceeding 150 pounds allowed
♦ No Container, including bags, exceeding 50 pounds allowed
♦ If you can’t lift the container above your knees and carry it 50 feet then it’s too heavy

Only Bulk & Containerized Items will be Collected 

♦ No Yard Waste, Branches, Recyclables, Bricks or Concrete allowed
♦ All Loose Items MUST be placed in a 32 gallon container
♦ Building materials MUST be placed in a 32 gallon container (Insulation, lumber, tile, etc.) 
♦ Long Items CANNOT EXCEED length of 4 feet 
♦ NO drywall sheets or anything larger than a Queen mattress; Larger items, ie. Drywall, Paneling, Shower Stalls, etc. MUST BE BROKEN DOWN and flattened into sections not to exceed 4’ x 4’ x 18” 
♦ No Pianos, Hot Tubs, Appliances, Pools, Fire Pits, Cast Iron Sinks or Tubs 
♦ Nothing containing Asbestos or Asphalt Materials, Including but not limited to, Roofing Materials