Records Request

Based upon the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act, a request must be completed before information containing personally identifiable information in the police/accident report can be released without redaction.  Knowledge of what access and uses are permitted under the listed Federal Act is the responsibility of the requester.

For a copy of an incident report or any other requests, an open records request form is available at the Cudahy Police Department or by clicking on the link below.  Reports for ongoing investigations are not available.  Information needed for the form include the date and location of the incident, any report numbers, and a short summary of what occurred.  You will NOT get the records immediately.  You will be notified when the request is available for pick up, which may take up to ten days.  The cost for copies is .25 cents per page with a minimum of $1.00 fee plus tax. 

open records request form


Traffic accident reports filed by the Cudahy Police Department are generally available ten days after the accident date.  Requests for the accident report can be made by contacting Carfax  or the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Division of State Patrol - Crash Records Unit
4822 Madison Yards Way - 9th Floor South
Madison, WI  53705
Phone: (608) 266-8753
Fax: (608)261-8201

Additional information concerning accidents reports can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.

The Driver's Privacy Protection Act is enforced by the United States Department of Justice, which may seek civil and criminal penalties for improperly obtaining, disclosing, or using personal information from an accident report or other police record, or the information was acquired through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation System and it is determined that these records are used for purposes other than as stated in the request form.