Nuisance Properties

housepicWhat is considered a nuisance property?

A nuisance property is a property that "has generated three or more calls for police and/or fire department service for nuisance activities, has received more than the level of general and adequate police service and has placed an undue and inappropriate burden on the taxpayers of the city."  Cudahy Municipal Code 10.08.1 

The calls for service must occur three or more times on separate days within a 30 day period.

To understand what a nuisance activity is, please read the definition in the Cudahy Municipal Code. The web address is

What occurs after a property is considered a nuisance?

After a property is considered to be a nuisance property, a list of the nuisance calls will be established and reported, the people who live on the property will be identified, the landlord/owner will be identified and the landlord/owner will be notified that the property is considered a nuisance property.

Upon receipt of this notice, the Common Council will determine if the landlord/owner of the property should be assessed for the services rendered to the property.  The landlord/owner of the property can appeal the assessment.