Chief Thomas D. Poellot

On behalf of the men and women of the Cudahy Police Department, I welcome you to our website.

The Cudahy Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of police service possible.  Members of this department, sworn and non-sworn, proudly serve the approximately 18,500 citizens of Cudahy.  The members of this department continually strive to strengthen our partnership with the community, working together to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors. 

We encourage you to read the information we have gathered.  I hope this information will be valuable resource to you.  We must all work together to keep our city safe.  No police department can stand alone; we rely on your assistance and support in our mission.  Their responsibility for crime prevention is one that we all share.

Chief Thomas D. Poellot

Police Department Staffing

The Cudahy Police Department has 31 full time-sworn police officers including the Chief, 2 Lieutenant, 6 Patrol Sergeants, 3 Detectives ,19 Patrol Officers, 2 Police Clerks, 1 Confidential Administrative Secretary, 7 fulltime Dispatchers and 3 part time Dispatchers. The 31 sworn police officers enforce Wisconsin State Statutes, Municipal Ordinances, and uphold the United States Constitution.

Police officers are expected to build an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust so that average citizens and community leaders form a partnership with police to address the problems of crime, drugs, fear of crime and social and physical disorder.  Accordingly, they work with community residents to identify and prioritize problems and are facilitators in developing creative solutions to problems that do not focus exclusively on arrest.

Description of the duties of Police Department personnel