Stop the Bleed

stbThe Cudahy Health Department offers Stop the Bleed training to community members and agencies at no cost. What it is & why should everyone receive it? Read below:

  • WHO is it directed toward? Anyone who wants to help save a life.  No “medical” experience is needed!
  • WHAT is it? A program designed to train lay people to identify and manage uncontrolled bleeding until trained personnel arrive.  Training is provided regarding the use of direct pressure, wound packing, and tourniquet application.
  • WHEN/WHERE might it be used?  Anytime you encounter a victim that has a wound with uncontrolled bleeding.  Examples include motor vehicle accidents, work or home related injuries such as a fall or major cut, or intentional violence.
  • WHY is it important? A victim can bleed out in just the few minutes it takes for EMS to arrive on the scene of an injury/accident.  Early recognition of life threatening bleeding and taking appropriate action can mean the difference between life and death! Stopping the bleeding can enable EMS to get the patient to a hospital to address the source of bleeding
  • HOW do I get trained? Classes are offered typically free of charge and last approximately 1.5-2 hours.  There is no written testing or certification to maintain.  Classes consist of basic education along with hands on practice. Call the Cudahy Health Department at 414-769-2239 to schedule a training for your agency or to see when our next community training will be.

For more information on the Stop the Bleed Program, visit their website .