Weights and Measures

imagesWeights and Measures in Cudahy

Do you ever wonder...

  • If you really got 13 gallons the last time you filled your car with gasoline?
  • If you actually got a 1/2 pound of deli meat at the grocery store?
  • If your favorite cereals really has 20 ounces in it?

A weights and measures program helps to protect both the seller and the buyer in the marketplace. According to the Federal Weights and Measures Institute of Science and Technology, "This enhances consumer confidence, enables U.S. businesses to compete fairly at home and abroad, and strengthens the U.S. economy". 

The City of Cudahy is a part of the Environmental Health Consortium lead by South Milwaukee. The consortium maintains its own weights and measures program, inspectors, and enforces the same laws and standards as Wisconsin inspectors and programs.