Lead Screening

lfk_2015_lppw_logo_english_blue_0Exposure to lead can be dangerous for children and pregnant women.  There are not obvious signs or symptoms, so it is hard to recognize when you've been expose to it. It can be found in paint, gasoline, or other products and transferred through air, water, food, dust, or soil. 

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has found that lead exposure in young children can cause a lower IQ score and attention span, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and a variety of other health and behavioral issues. Most exposures happen in homes or child cares centers built before 1978.  These old buildings are more likely to have chipping or peeling paint that has lead in it, which children can inhale. 


The Cudahy Health Department offers lead screening for children.  

Please call (414) 769-2239 if you have any concerns about your child possibly being exposed to lead.

Additionally, they will investigate any concerns regarding lead hazard or danger and are able to supply education and cleaning kits as needed. Contact the health department with and questions or concerns:

Cudahy Health Department
5050 South Lake Drive
Cudahy, WI 53110
Phone: (414) 769-2239
After hours phone: (414) 769-2260
Fax: (414)-769-2291

Health Officer
Katie Lepak
Phone: (414) 882-2390