Fire & Rescue

Fire suppression activities are provided from both of Cudahy's two fire stations. All vehicles within the Department's inventory can be used for various firefighting activities. The Department currently has two engines and one ladder truck. All Department members are cross-trained to operate in all positions. The members of each shift and platoon will rotate duties from shift to shift. One shift, a member will be the driver and operate the pump. The next shift, this member will serve as firefighter. In situations where a sworn officer is not on duty, a senior member will assume the duties of acting Lieutenant. The City of Cudahy participates in the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System and Milwaukee County Shared Services. These systems allow for Cudahy's firefighting force to be augmented with additional firefighters and equipment from neighboring communities. The Cudahy Fire Department also responds to partner communities when requested. All response operations are conducted according to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines for incident command. One person is in charge of the scene and delegates responsibilities and tasks to others on scene to achieve the goals of life safety and property conservation as quickly as possible. The number one priority for any fire is life safety. Rescues are the first goal. If it appears the firefighters are not actively putting water on the fire, it may be the case that there are lives that need to be saved before the fire can be extinguished.