Apparatus and Stations

The Cudahy Fire Department maintains a firefighting fleet consisting of two attack pumpers, one 100' aerial ladder, and a Fire Command Unit.  Our Emergency Medical Services fleet consists of three Basic Life Support ambulances.  Other vehicles and apparatus in our inventory includes a utility pickup truck, a utility terrain vehicle and a rescue boat.

Fire Station One
4626 South Packard Avenue

Built in 1956, Station 1 is our admin headquarters.

Fire Station Two
3115 East Ramsey Avenue

Built in 1969, Station 2 is the department's training center and primary mutual aid house.

Fire & Rescue Units

Engine 141
This is a 2001 Pierce Saber 1250 gpm pumper.  This unit responds from Fire Station One and is also utilized as an initial attack pumper. It is equipped with the standard equipment required by the NFPA.  


Truck 142
This unit is a 2006 Seagrave 100 foot ladder with 2000 gpm pump. This unit responds from Fire Station Two and is utilized for heavy rescue, fire attack and aerial operations. It is equipped with the standard equipment required by the NFPA.


Ambulance 141


Ambulance 143
A143 is a 2007 Medtec unit mounted on a Ford F-450 chassis.  It is configured as an ALS unit with an extended modular box.  This unit responds as a reserve EMS unit with two EMT-Basics onboard.


Chief Car 14


Utility 141