Sidewalk Program

Hazardous Sidewalk Program

The City's Engineering Department is responsible for marking sidewalks within the City's right-of-way that meet criteria for hazardous sidewalks.  Sidewalk or flatwork within the right-of-way area is considered to be a tripping hazard to pedestrians based on a set of criteria as established by the Insurance Industry. 

Insurance standards recommend that the public sidewalks be inspected and repaired if a hazard is found at least once in a five to ten year period.  In order to accomplish this in a city the size of Cudahy, we have divided Cudahy into 4 zones.  Over an 8 year period each zone is inspected and repairs are made.   It is the policy of the City to assess property owners for the work done in front of their property.  Only property owners where work is done in front of their property are assessed.  An average sidewalk slab is 5' x 6' and 5" thick and can cost between $145.00 - $180.00 depending on the public bid value per project.

Questions related to the hazardous sidewalk program should be directed to the City's Engineering Department at (414) 769-2212 or report a concern online.

Sidewalk Tripping Hazard

If you notice a sidewalk that hazardous to pedestrians, please call the Cudahy Engineering Department at 769-2212 or report a concern online.