2020 Projects

Miscellaneous Storm Sewer Project   

This project addresses minor storm sewer in a couple locations around the City. One of them is an alley on the 3800 block between Van Norman and Armour while the other is on Ramsey near the Cudahy School District Building. The biggest portion of this project is to install storm laterals to properties around the City as part of MMSD's Private Property Inflow & Infiltration Program. 80+ properties in targeted areas around the City have been chosen on specific criteria to have a storm lateral installed up to the house using MMSD funding to connect sump pumps and eliminate inflow & infiltration from the Sanitary Sewer. 

Pennsylvania & Grange Signal Modifications  

The project involves the removal and replacement of the signals at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Grange. The project includes the installation of mono-poles in order to remove the signal poles in the medians that continually get damaged by vehicular crashes. The work will also include pedestrian ramp modifications and pedestrian push buttons. The work is anticipated to be done sometime during Summer of 2020.