2019 Projects

3600 Morris and Adams Avenue Utility & Road Reconstruction

The City is planning to completely reconstruct both the 3600 blocks of E. Adams Avenue and E. Morris Avenue.  Due to the condition of the existing sanitary and water main underneath the road, the City is planning to replace these and the property owner laterals up to the right-of-way.  The City is also planning to provide additional storm water structures to assist with drainage.

Kingan Avenue / 3800 Allerton-Van Norman Alley Reconstruction

This project includes the reconstruction of two different style of infrastructure; an alley and a roadway.  Firstly, the block of S. Kingan Avenue between E. Plankinton Avenue and E. Layton Avenue is being reconstructed with some minor storm sewer upgrades.  Secondly, the alley between the 3800 block of E. Allerton Avenue and E. Van Norman Avenue is being reconstructed.  The very flat section of the alley will utilize Green Infrastructure in the form of Permeable Concrete Block in the flow line.  This area is very flat and will provide an outlet for storm water and property owner runoff.  Lastly, these projects have been bid together due to their close proximity to each other  and because both will be paved with concrete. 

DPW Road Salt Storage Facility

Asphalt Pavement Improvements 

The asphalt pavement improvements include milling and overlaying the roadway in some areas of the City North of E. Layton Avenue.  The 3300, 3400, 3700, 3800 blocks of E. Allerton Avenue will be included in this project as well as the 3500 block of E. Cudahy Avenue and the segment of S. Kirkwood Avenue between E. Lunham Avenue and E. Bottsford Avenue.  Please see the map above for a visual reference of these locations. 

2019 Concrete Patch Project

A concrete patch project is out for bid to restore all of the water main breaks in the City as well as some sections of concrete pavement that are in need of repair.  These sections include E. Dale Avenue, E. College Avenue, and E. Nicholson Avenue. All concrete patches typically need a minimum 7 day period to reach proper strength before it is opened back up to traffic.

Cudahy Drop-Off Site Refuse Disposal

Cudahy Curbside Refuse & Recycling Collection

Cudahy Bus Stop Improvements - Milwaukee County Community Development Block Grant