2018 Projects

We Energies City-Wide Gas Main Replacement Project

  • As of November 15th, 2017, the City is no longer allowing Meade to install full depth, permanent concrete in the slabs they have removed. They are placing temporary concrete, approximately 2-3" deep, in order to close up all of the open holes on their project.  The City does not want brand new sidewalk placed after November 15th which is susceptible to heavy salt usage due to the cold weather, freezing temperatures, and future snow falls.  Meade/We Energies will be required to replace those sidewalk squares that have been installed with temporary concrete with full depth concrete once the weather allows for proper placement.
  • This project is a continuation from 2017 and the contractor will begin working again once the frost has lifted from the ground (approximately Spring 2018).
  • This project is being constructed by Meade Construction and managed by We Energies; it is not a City Project. 
  • Project information is provided by We Energies at this link.  Project Info Sheet
  • Project locations are shown on this Project Map.  Anywhere that shows a purple line is where they are proposing to relay the main and you should expect to see Digger’s Hotline Locates in your area prior to the work beginning.
  • Primary Contacts for this project are We Energies Residential Customer Service - 800-242-9137 (24 hours a day), Operations Supervisor for We Energies Noah Paquin - 414-944-5786 & Meade Construction Customer Service - Jose Reyes 414-788-6653.

2018 Hazardous Sidewalk Project

  • The Hazardous Sidewalk Project for 2018 will be in the highlighted region as shown on this map.  Due to the sheer size and quantity of work, the overall project area has been split into two regions. The 2018 region shown on the map link above, and is bound by College Avenue on the South, Swift Avenue on the East, Packard Avenue on the West and Hammond Avenue on the North.  The project does not include any sidewalk on Packard Avenue this year.  The remainder of the sidewalk area (north to Lunham Avenue) will be assessed in 2018 and be planned for construction in 2019. Preliminary information letters have already been mailed out to all the affected property owners for the 2018 Project. 
  • The Contractor is expected to begin at the end of April and the construction should last approximately 2 months.
  • Resolution No. 7206
  • Information Letter to Property Owners - March 2018
  • Replacement Policy Information
  • Assessment Computation
  • City Hall Handicap Accessible Improvements –   As part of the ongoing evaluation of the City’s public hazardous sidewalk program, City owned facilities are evaluated.  When a sidewalk is replaced near a building, the sidewalk must meet current laws regarding the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The sidewalks going into and along the front entrances to City Hall were compliant 30 years ago when they were built, but the ADA rules can change annually.  Since some of the sidewalk blocks need to be replaced near the entrances the engineering staff did a review to see if they met current standards.  Since they do not the City will be required to remove and replace those sidewalk blocks that do not even though they wouldn’t be replaced under the hazardous sidewalk program.  The City is planning to remove and replace the sidewalk areas at all three entrances (Lake Drive side) to meet the current ADA requirements which will also require some resurfacing in the lot.  The City is also proposing to improve the storm water infrastructure and add porous pavers.

Grange & Pennsylvania Signal Improvements

  • The City of Cudahy is planning to upgrade some of the traffic signals at the intersection of Grange and Pennsylvania. Two large monopoles will be installed in order to eliminate the center island signals that are continually hit by distracted/drunk drivers. The City will also be applying for Community Block Development Grants in order to improve the Pedestrian Handicap Ramps and Bus Stops at that location. 

Stormwater Improvements to Alleys & Parking Lots.

  • The City is replacing the alley in the 3500 block between Layton & Squire.  This project will utilize porous pavers to improve water quality.   This project will include the reconstruction of the public parking lot at Squire & Packard which will add green infrastructure to improve storm water quality.  Storm water quality improvements will also be added to the City Hall parking lot.
  • Public Hearing Notice
  • Resolution No. 7205
  • Engineering Report on Special Assessments