2016 Projects

Packard Avenue North - Sewer & Water

The replacement of 100+ year old water main and sewer infrastructure on Packard Avenue between Cudahy and Lunham Avenues.  Also includes storm sewer and lateral replacement for residents.  The roadway is scheduled for reconstruction the following year in 2017.

Barnard Avenue Extension Project

Due to expected development at the former Iceport location, Barnard Avenue was extended from Sweet Applewood Lane to Nicholson Avenue.

2016 Asphalt Road Resurfacing Project

This project included the Milling and Overlaying of 2” of asphalt pavement on various streets located in Districts 2 & 3.  This work is considered "temporary" compared to full reconstruction and is done intentionally to buy time until the road can be fully reconstructed at a future date.  These roads included Kirkwood, Pulaski, Edgerton, Martin, Hammond, and Grange.
Please note only certain roads qualify for this method. Many roads in the City may seem worse but they do ot warrant a Mill & Overlay and require a full reconstruction.  The Cost/Benefit Ratio of performing Mill & Overlays on roads that are beyond this threshold is very low.

Kirkwood Road Reconstruction

The reconstruction of Kirkwood Avenue between Morris and Grange Avenue.