2015 Projects

Packard Avenue Streetscape Project

One of the City’s largest projects to date and winner of an APWA Transportation Project of the Year for Small Communities (< 75,000), the Packard Avenue Downtown Street Reconstruction Project included the full reconstruction of Packard Avenue from the south side of Cudahy Avenue all the way to Holmes Avenue. It also included the mill and overlay of Holmes Avenue south to Pulaski Avenue.  For the full reconstruction, the pavement was removed from building front to building front and all new streetscape items were constructed to improve the overall aesthetic and functionality of the downtown region. The project included a new asphalt pavement, concrete bus pads, decorative stamped concrete, 2’x2’ decorative sidewalk, 4’x4’ picture framed handicap ramp corners, decorative LED street lighting, planter boxes, street tree boxes, hanging baskets, banners, large planters, bike racks, benches and vegetation buffers.  The project also had a Facebook page for construction updates.  Below are the links for all the updates and notices that went out, including some videos that were used for promoting the project. 

Miscellaneous Sewer & Water Project

This project included a variety of sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer projects throughout the City of Cudahy.  This included some sanitary sewer main line repairs on Adams and Mallory in preparation for the Kirkwood Avenue Road Reconstruction, storm sewer upgrades at the Railroad crossing on Ramsey, storm sewer upgrades at the Somers and Kirkwood intersection and more.  Below are some of the updates and notices.

Eaton / Merrill / Barland Avenue Street Reconstruction

The reconstruction of Merrill Avenue from Donald to Eaton; Eaton Avenue from Merrill to Illinois Avenue; Barland Avenue from Grange to Ramsey all had failing concrete pavement that did not reach its life expectancy. Barland Avenue added a bumpout to the Cudahy Middle School to increase pedestrian safety.   Below are the links for all the updates and notices.