Our Advantages

Reasons smart businesses and developers consider Cudahy:

As of the 2010 Census, there were 18,584 reasons to choose Cudahy as a location for business development. But when you talk to business people and developers, five things stand out as convincing proof of the community's premium potential.

Unique geography puts us in a path to prosperity

Positioned between one of the world's largest lakes on one side and an international airport on another, Cudahy's commercial corridor is the primary geographic connection between a gentrifying southern Milwaukee and the city's fast-growing southern suburbs. This means plentiful commercial traffic, as well as convenient proximity for businesses that rely on transportation logistics.

Tomorrow's younger, more affluent demographics

Cudahy's traditional, hard-working residents are increasingly being joined by a new generation of younger homeowners, who bring a growing white collar income and an increasing interest in shopping, dining and nightlife options. The result is diversity by design, in a community where all types of people enjoy living...and shopping...side by side.

Developer-friendly government

The new generation of Cudahy civic and government leaders are known for their eagerness to make things happen. This shows in a refreshing spirit of openness to development ideas. They understand the importance of incentives, and use them to create packages that positively stand out in competitiveness.

Industrial strength infrastructure

Thanks to our industrial heritage, the supply of water, power, sanitary disposal and transportation logistics in Cudahy is among the strongest in Southeastern Wisconsin. In addition to meeting the needs of high volume users, this infrastructure strength means less need for future upgrades. Property taxes...along with overhead costs...stay especially reasonable.

A track record for the long run

While Cudahy is dedicated to improvement, we're equally committed to maintaining the traditional community strengths that are part of our proud heritage. This means Cudahy is likely to remain a solid and growing development opportunity for many years to come.

Still need convincing? Contact us and we'll fill you in on a number of other Cudahy advantages!