What's New at The Cudahy Water Utility




  • Spring is here! This is a good time to check and replace your vacuum breakers on any outside hose bibs;
  • How Cudahy's Water Rates Compare to Others - click here
  • If you use your bank's electronic "Bill Pay" option to pay your bi-monthly water bills, please make sure the billing address is updated and your full account number is included to ensure your payment is processed correctly; AND,
  • Make sure to review your water bill when you receive it - If your bill shows "0" Water Usage, you may have an out-of-order radio on your meter and the Water Utility is not receiving meter reads. This can result in a large "Catch Up" bill once it is discovered and repaired ... If you see Zero Use on your bill, contact the Water Utility, (414) 769-2237, to schedule a Meter Replacement appointment as soon as you can.
  • For more information on the city wide Automatic Meter Replacement (AMR), click here.

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"What’s New at The Cudahy Water Utility"

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