eWaste & Freon Disposal

Freon Containing Appliances

Freon Appliance Recycle

The City Drop-Off Site accepts appliances with Freon such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and freezers, etc.  (During normal drop-off site business hours).  If you cannot get your item to the City Drop-Off Center, arrangements can be made with  Refrigerant Depot.

E-Waste Collection at Drop Off Site


When you retire your used electronics, they become E-Waste (electronic waste).  If these electronics are burned or land filled, the toxic and hazardous substances in them can be released, threatening the environment and human health.  Electronic waste also contains valuable resources that can be recovered when properly recycled. The City has partnered with the Goodwill ReTech Program to collect electronic waste at the City's Drop Off Site. If you are a residential property owner who is currently paying a recycling fee, you can drop off your unwanted electronic devices at the City's Drop Off Site during Drop Off Site open hours. There is no fee and you will not be required to use a recycling punch as long as you are only disposing of E-Waste at that time.

For more information on the City's E-Waste Recycling, click here!

For tips from the WI Department of Natural Resources on Choosing E-Recycling, click here!





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