Dumpster Permits

A permit is required to place a dumpster in the street or City right-of-way.  A dumpster permit can be obtained at Cudahy City Hall. The fee for a dumpster permit are as listed below:

$25.00 First Week
$25.00 Second Week
$50.00 Third Week and beyond per week.

No dumpsters can be placed on the following streets:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • College Avenue
  • Lake Drive
  • Packard Avenue (Engineer’s discretion- please contact us)

Additional  Information:

  • Dumpsters to be placed on Layton Avenue must obtain a permit from Milwaukee County.
  • Dumpsters cannot be placed in the alleyway.
  • Flasher Barricades must be placed on both sides of the dumpster.

No permits are required if the dumpster is placed in a driveway or front lawn.

Please contact the Department of Public Works with any questions at 414-769-2216.

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