Forestry Department Services:

All requests for tree services such as trimming, planting, cutting, etc. should be called into the DPW at 414-769-2216.  Your request will be referred to the City Forester, who by ordinance is in charge of Cudahy's urban forest.

How to Take Care of a New Tree:

 Your new tree will appreciate being watered on a regular basis until it is established.  Just a five-gallon bucket of water each week can be the difference between a lovely growing tree and a dead sapling!  Residents with new trees are reminded that weed whackers should not be used around the trunk.  The damage caused when the bark is stripped will kill the tree.  If you have any questions about tree care or maintenance, please call the DPW at 414-769-2216. 

Diseases/Pests in Trees:

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Cudahy

On June 30, 2010 the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of an Emerald Ash Bore Beetle on a tree within the City of Cudahy.  The City will be working with the Department of Agriculture to determine the extent of the outbreak.  READ MORE

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