Overnight Parking

On behalf of the Cudahy Police Department we would like to extend a sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the citizens and guests of Cudahy. 

Please remember the Cudahy Police Department will be enforcing the parking ordinance as outlined below. 

MAKE A PAYMENT    You will need to know your citation number(s) and amount(s).  Fee Schedule for GovPayNet.

Before learning more about parking rules, permits and parking citations, here are a few important definitions.

  • Vehicle Registration Number -- a vehicle's license plate number.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) -- the number that car manufacturers stamp on a vehicle.  The VIN number may be located on the driver's side door or on the driver's side windshield at the corner base of the dashboard.
  • Registration Suspended -- a vehicle's registration is generally considered suspended if there are unpaid parking citations, if a vehicle has not undergone a required emissions check or if a vehicle's plates have not been properly paid for.  There may be some other extenuating circumstances in which a vehicle's registration is suspended.
  • Parking Line -- number you should call to receive overnight parking permission (414)744-3444. Please read further to see if you qualify for overnight parking.


Complete regulations

transportationALL NIGHT PARKING PROHIBITED  No person shall park any vehicle on any city street between 2:30am and 5:30am, except those vehicles that have affixed a valid City of Cudahy parking permit.  Only vehicles with valid registration will be granted overnight parking permission or parking permits. 
PARKING PERMIT STICKERS Parking permits valid for a 2 calendar-month period (December through January; February through March; April through May; June through July; August through September; October through November) may be purchased at the Cudahy Police Department at a cost of $25.00 plus tax per 2-month period, or discounted amounts for extended months.
ALTERNATE SIDES with PERMIT STICKER You must park your vehicle on the odd (west/south) or even (east/north) side of the street as determined by the date before midnight [i.e. If the date before midnight is December 1, you are required to park on the odd (west/south) side of the street.]  NO PARKING PERMITTED on S. Packard Avenue, S. Lake Drive, or adjacent service streets.
WEEKEND PARKING Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights (Friday night through Monday morning) are permitted without a permit when parked on the correct side of the street according to the date (see Alternate Sides with Permit).
LOCATION OF PERMIT STICKER When looking at the driver's side of the car, place permit on the lower right corner of the driver's window.
TIME LIMITATION Your vehicle cannot be parked in one location for more than 48 hours.  Vehicles parked in excess of 48 hours will be cited and towed at the owner's expense.
SPECIAL PERMISSION – OVERNIGHT PARKING  You are allowed 4 call in permissions to park on the street per month. Maximum of 8 call-in permissions per year.  Follow the instructions on the parking line phone (744-3444).  You must park on alternate (odd/even) sides of the street. 
City of Cudahy Municipal Traffic Code 38.72

No parking during snow emergencies on either side of designated thoroughfares listed below:
    South – Barland, Hately, Illinois, Nicholson, Packard, Pennsylvania, Swift and Whitnall Avenues;
    East – Barnard, College, Edgerton, Grange, Ladish, Ramsey and Van Norman Avenues.

Public notice will be given to the following media sources:  RADIO STATIONS:  WTMJ, WISN and WKTI; TV STATIONS:  CHANNELS 4, 6, 12, and 58.  Should weather turn bad or if there is a snowfall in excess of 3", tune in to one of the media stations to determine if a Snow Emergency has been declared.  As a last resort, call the Cudahy Police Department for information.  If you leave a vehicle on one of the above thoroughfares in a Snow Emergency, there is a fine of $50.00, and if the vehicle is a hazard, it will be towed at your expense.

Credit card, debit card, online and phone payments are processed through a third party provider, GovPayNet, who will assess a fee to use their service.  Online payments are accepted at www.govpaynow.com, (PLC #8130-Cudahy Municipal Court/Police).  An additional service fee is assessed for using their phone service (1-888-604-7888).  Multiple citations may be paid by one transaction.

Fee Schedule for GovPayNet.

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