Public Health Nurse Visits

Public Health Nurses are available to visit Cudahy Residents in their homes or at the Health Department for a variety of reasons including: 

  1. Communicable diseases
    1. All communicable disease must be reported to the Health Department.  Our nurses can help to verify the disease, offer advice on care and explain any isolation requirements, if necessary.
  2. New babies and PNCC Program Visits
  3. Referrals from hospitals or doctors
  4. Investigation of complaints
  5. Ages and Stages Questionnaires (Child Development)

Call the Cudahy Health Department at (414) 769-2239 to make a referral or to request nursing service.

Communicable Disease Investigation and Control
bbWisconsin State Law Chapter 252 mandates certain communicable diseases to be reported to the local health department.  Public health nurses are required to interview individuals with these illnesses.  Interviews focus on health education and prevention, provision of appropriate care, determining possible sources and minimizing spread to others.  Public health nurses are available at the Cudahy Health Department to answer your communicable disease questions.

Newborn Visits
mmA public health nurse is available to do a well-baby exam at the parent's request.  This is a great opportunity for new parents to ask questions regarding infant safety, nutrition, growth and development.  Contact the Cudahy Health Department at 414-769-2239 for more information.

Children with Special Health Care Needs
A public health nurse is available to meet with families of children with special health care needs in their homes or at the Health Department.  Referrals can be initiated by physicians, hospitals, therapists, social workers and programs such as WIC.  Families can also contact the Health Department directly to request services. 

The public health nurse will assess the infant/child and provide resources, referrals or case management.  This service is for infants who were born prematurely, high risk infants/children, children with genetic disorders, chronic illness, growth and development concerns or families in need of resources or support. 

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