Emergency Medical Services

Billing and Rates -  As of February 1st 2012 the Cudahy Fire Department began using a billing service for all ambulance transports. This company is named Life Quest Services. If you have any questions regarding an invoice on an ambulance bill and your transport took place after February 1st 2012 you can contact Life Quest Services directly at 1-888-777-4911. Mailing address:  N2930 State Road 22, Wautoma, WI 54982.

Current ambulance rates:  
BLS Emergency $635/resident 
BLS Emergency $765/non resident
BLS On Scene Care $205.00/284.60

EMS - Help is on the way!

The System:

The Cudahy Fire Department operates in a "two-tiered" system of emergency medical service within Milwaukee County. The first tier is that of Basic Life Support (BLS). This is the responsibility of the BLS units and the two firefighter/EMTs. These individuals are the first at the scene of an emergency and begin basic life support. This includes defibrillation and advanced airway management. If there is no need for more advanced treatments, this unit will transport the patient to the appropriate medical facility. The second level is Advanced Life Support (ALS). This is the responsibility of the ALS (Paramedic) unit. Our Advanced Life Support service is a shared program under the control of Milwaukee County EMS. The ALS unit which services the City of Cudahy is housed and operated by the South Milwaukee Fire Department. This ALS unit is dispatched simultaneously with a BLS unit if the call falls within specific parameters. The ALS unit may also be requested by the Cudahy BLS unit on-scene if it is determined that the patient requires advanced life support services.

EMS Training:

All members of the Cudahy Fire Department are licensed as Emergency Medical Technician-Basics with advanced skills through the State of Wisconsin's Department of Health and Family Services - EMS Section. This is an employment requirement for all new candidates. The refresher training required every two years is conducted "in-house" by the department's EMT Instructor/Coordinator. The Cudahy Fire Department was one of the few cities in Milwaukee County to take part in a pilot program conducted by the State of Wisconsin to train EMT Instructor/Coordinators to conduct training on site. On a yearly basis, advanced skills and protocol training are conducted to assure quality care to our patients. This program has proven very successful, and heps to maintain the high level of patient care that the citizens of Cudahy enjoy today.

EMS Ambulances:

The Cudahy Fire Department provides Basic Life Support services through the use of two Type III ambulances staffed 24/7 by at least two (2) Firefighter/EMTs. All line and staff personnel are licensed as Emergency Medical Technician - Basic with advanced skills. Both EMS units are equipped to the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation, and also carry semiautomatic defibrillators, pulse oximetry units and glucometers. All EMT-Bs are certified in the assisted medications protocols of the National Registry of EMTs and provide aspirin, nitroglycerine, epinephrine, and albuterol.

Additional Resources:

Additional resources within our system include aero-medical helicopter evacuation. The Cudahy Fire Department and surrounding communities have one primary and one back-up helicopter available to respond to EMS calls that warrant patient transport to a Level One Trauma Center. Our primary responding medical evacuation unit is Froedtert Memorial Hospital's "Flight for Life". This unit is staffed with a pilot, an emergency medical/trauma physician and a flight nurse or paramedic. A second helicopter is available through Northern Illinois' McHenry Medical Complex. It is the sister ship to "Flight" and functions as a back-up when the primary unit is unavailable or if multiple helicopters are needed.

Privacy Statement:

The Cudahy Fire Department Emergency Medical Service is in compliance with all State and Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements.

EMS History:

Prior to 1976, the City of Cudahy operated an Emergency Medical Service that consisted of one firefighter responding to an incident in an ambulance and meeting a Cudahy police officer at the scene. Once aid had been rendered, the firefighter would drive the ambulance while the police officer stayed with the patient. Dispatching for EMS calls, at that time, was handled by the Cudahy Police Department, which had a direct telephone connection to the fire stations. Prior to mobile radio communications in the ambulance, a specific route would be followed back to the fire station from the local hospital. If another call for aid was received before the ambulance was back in quarters, a police squad would "intercept" the fire department ambulance and rely information face-to-face. In the early 1970's, the Cudahy Fire Department began training it's personnel as Emergency Medical Technicians. This was a crucial step in advancing to our current fire-based EMS system. In 1976 the Cudahy Fire Department took over all Emergency Medical Services in the City of Cudahy, and began staffing the units with two cross-trained Firefighter/EMTs. This was a major improvement for the delivery of emergency medical service to the citizens of Cudahy.


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