Design Guidelines Project

The City of Cudahy has a new Design Guidelines Manual for commercial and industrial properties.  The manual presents a set of general design guidelines for new construction in downtown and key corridor areas of Cudahy.  It also provides rehabilitation design guidelines for historic properties. 

The design guidelines were developed for portions of the Downtown Lakeside Commons District, the Layton/Pennsylvania Gateway District, the South Packard Avenue Corridor, the Lakefront Corridor and the South Pennsylvania Corridor.

The downtown guidelines will be used in conjunction with Cudahy's Facade Improvement Program for the downtown area, ensuring that new construction or rehabilitation of existing structures will preserve the character of the architecture, building materials and urban design features. 

The design guidelines for Cudahy's key corridors will ensure that new construction will be enhanced and reflect the vision for those areas.

 Property owners will be able to use the manual to help them plan projects that will improve the quality and character of Cudahy. In some cases, the Department of Economic Development, the Community Development Authority and the Design Review Board will use the guidelines to make sure building projects meet the design objectives of the city.

Winter & Company, based in Boulder, Colorado, facilitated the development of Cudahy's Design Guidelines Manual.  Winter & Company is one of the country's leading consulting firms in the creation, review and implementation of urban design guidelines.


City of Cudahy - 5050 S. Lake Drive - Cudahy, WI - 53110

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