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Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters, health emergencies and other threatening situations can happen at any time.  But there are steps you can take to prepare and protect your family and your home.

Officials Warn About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning During Winter

State officials are urging people to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by taking steps both inside the home and during hunting trips this winter, the time of year when nearly half of all accidental carbon monoxide (CO) deaths occur.  READ MORE


Prepare Yourself


Epidemics and Pandemics

Protect yourself and your family from the seasonal flu and the H1N1 virus. 

Summer is West Nile Virus season.  Get the facts to protect yourself and your family!


Severe Weather

The only thing predictable about Wisconsin weather is its unpredictability.  From flooding to tornadoes to heat waves and winter storms, we experience all kinds of severe weather in Southeast Wisconsin. 




Chemical Emergencies

Chemicals are a natural and important part of our environment.  They can be found in our kitchens, medicine cabinets, basements and garages. Chemicals help us keep our food fresh and our bodies clean. They help our plants grow and fuel our cars.

Hazardous materials are chemical substances which, if released or misused, can pose a threat to the environment. These chemicals are used in industry, agriculture, medicine, research and consumer goods. As many as 500,000 products pose physical or health hazards and can be defined as "hazardous chemicals." They come in the form of explosives, flammable and combustible substances, poisons and radioactive materials. These substances are most often released as a result of transportation accidents or because of chemical accidents in manufacturing plants.


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